Friday, October 1, 2021

Slam-Packed Summer


Anyone else feel like summer just slipped through their fingers? 

(Story Time with Ms. Nora and all the kids.)

I spent mine running workshops with some of my favorite volunteers, moonlighting at Story Time and joining my first critique group with the Storyteller Academy Crew. 

The cherry on top was opening my package from Cricket Media and poring over my copies of Muse Magazine


Thrilled to see how my article “A Conversation with Ranger Kip” turned out and to see Mr. Baby Konrad and his daddy make a cameo in it. You can order your very own copy here
Ranger Kip Walton of the Indiana Dunes National Park is an amazing educator and advocate. Any kiddos in your life that dig mysteries and science will enjoy my interview with him where we explore the historic Bailey Cemetery. 
 Feeling all the fall feels on this first day of October. Pushing myself to try my first Inktober and gearing up for NaNoWriMo. I have The Secret of the Ghost Ship’s Compass out in the query-verse, so I’m trying to keep myself busy while my book baby finds its right home. 

My main focus is finishing up my first Chap Book. 

Hint if you like fish out of water stories laced with STEM opportunities, or chickens, this will be the story for you! Here are some pictures from the research trip we took to the Lake County Fair for it.

Stay tuned for how those go in my Autumn post and look for my next article in Muse coming out this month! It’s all about the science behind goosebumps. You can preorder it here.

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